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Branding for Fun and Profit

Make Your Mark With a Great Brand! (co-author)

Oh, the Places You’ll Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before – Mash-up of Dr. Seuss and Star Trek is Not a Fair Use

Grease Is The Word And Vape Is The Parody In This Copyright Infringement Fair Use Case (RIP Olivia Newton-John)

Big Boys Don’t Cry: Federal Appeals Court Rejects Copyright Infringement Claim Against Jersey Boys

Lounging On The Shore: Flora-Bama Lounge Loses to MTV Floribama Shore in Trademark Infringement Appeal

U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Dirty Words Can Be Registered As Trademarks Under The First Amendment

Trump Trumped: Federal Court Finds Use Of Copyrighted Music In Campaign Video Is Not A Fair Use

Diamonds Are Not Forever – Tiffany Awarded $19 Million in Trademark Infringement Suit Against Costco

It’s Amazing! – Amazon Brand Registry Program Changes Enhance Online Sellers’ Protection Against Trademark Counterfeiters

Murals And Morals: Federal Court Awards Millions for Willful Destruction of Building Artwork

Artist Who Created Droopy Eyes Sues American Eagle for Copyright Infringement (co-author)

Federal Court Orders Miami Velvet Swingers Club To Pay Almost $900,000 For Unauthorized Use Of Models’ Photos

Trayvon Martin and the Right of Publicity in Florida

What You Need to Know About Trademark Law

What You Need to Know About Trademark Dilution

What You Need to Know About Copyright Law

Office Leasing Competitors Fight Trademark Lawsuit Over Use of the Brand HQ (co-author)

The Tide Rolls Out:  Appeals Court Rules Against ‘Bama in Suit Against Painter of Famous Football Scenes

Seeing Red: Washington Redskins’ Trademark Registrations are Cancelled by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Coffee Dilution: Court Finds Grounds For Ruling On Starbucks’ Famous Trademark

It’s Not Just Victoria’s Secret Trademark Dilution

Trojans Overcome Gamecocks in Battle of the SC Logos

The Court’s Gone Wild! – Keeping Abreast Of Developments In Florida’s Publicity And Privacy Laws

Copyright Porno Predators Get Their Comeuppance in Court

Smut in Cyberspace

Fla “Apprentice” Trumps Domain Cybersquatter

Face-Off! Tattoo Artist Sues Studio For Copyright Infringement To Knock Out Boxer’s Tattoo In Movie

Florida Enacts New Trademark Law

Supreme Court Rules On Trademark Fair Use

State Right Of Publicity Not Preempted By Copyright Act

National Nine Nix Nifty Non-Napster Networks

Court Rules ESPN Didn’t Defame Evel Knievel

Seeing Red Native Americans 2, WA Redskins 1

Copyright Act Preempts Licensor’s State Law Claims

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Noncommercial Use of Trademark as Domain Name is Legal

Seeing Red – Native Americans Try to Cancel Redskins Trademark

Is it Now or Never? A Performer’s Right Of Publicity May Endure Although He Has Left The Stage Forever

Great Grokster! Nifty Non-Napster Networks Not Nixed

Thumbing Along the Information Highway

The Wind Done Gone – Copyright Fair Use

Happy Birthday Mickey! Copyright Term Extension Act_

Can You Be Master of Your Domain in a Web of Cybersquatters

Ninth Nixes Napster’s Nifty Network

Don’t Play With Barbie! (by Sharon Ellis)

Florida Bar Journal Articles:
Cyberlaw and Computer Technology: A Primer on the Law of Intellectual Property Protection

As Fair as They Wanna Be: The U.S. Supreme Court Upholds the Fair Use Parody Defense

Chips, Locks and Video Games – Courts Rule on the Scope of Protection in Computer Copyright Cases

Computer System Malfunction Remedies

Ownership of Computer Programs and Other Copyrighted Works

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